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Johnny Boo (Book 6): Zooms to the Moon!

Johnny Boo (Book 6): Zooms to the Moon!

by James Kochalka

ISBN 9781603093491 - Diamond: JUN141452

Johnny Boo zooms to the moon on a star-powered skateboard, where he meets a spunky little girl ghost named Susie Boom. She has BOOM power, which is pretty darn loud. Luckily, the moon has ice cream. But oh no! It also has an ice cream monster, just like back on Earth. This book fulfills the dreams of many of our young readers, who said they wanted Johnny Boo to visit the moon. And many others who wanted to see Johnny Boo ride a skateboard. They will all be delighted by this very silly adventure. -- a 40-page, full-color, all-ages, hardcover graphic novel, 6" x 9"

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