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Glork Patrol (Book Three): Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot

Glork Patrol (Book Three): Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot

by James Kochalka

ISBN 978-1-60309-521-1 - Diamond: NOV221582

"Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot is the kind of comic I would have loved as a new reader. The artwork is colorful and expressive and the story is silly yet exciting. Small wonder that Kochalka has won an Eisner Award for his children’s books! Highly recommended for any parent with children who enjoy silly aliens and monsters who are learning about the wonders of comics." — Kabooooom!

The Glork Patrol meets a TINY new friend… and a HUGE new enemy? Robots come in all shapes and sizes in this loony space adventure from the award-winning creator of Johnny Boo and Banana Fox!

A mysterious package arrives with a tiny robot inside, named Glorkbot. Say hello to the newest member of the Glork Patrol! But when Gonk and Baby Quackaboodle quickly deplete its batteries by making it do too many funny dance moves, there’s only one entity they can turn to for help: the giant floating head known throughout the galaxy as the Magic Robot. Will the Magic Robot heed their plea for help… or blast them with his laser eyes? This action-packed laugh-fest from Eisner award-winner James Kochalka is the goofiest sci-fi comic in the entire universe! -- a 40-page, full-color hardcover graphic novel (6" x 9")


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