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SuperF*ckers #4

SuperF*ckers #4

by James Kochalka

$5.00 (US)

"Kochalka has a ball making fun of teenagers and their pathetic attempts at cussing to sound cool, fumbling their way through crushes, and smoking anything they can to get high." -- Byron Kerman, Playback STL

Also known as SuperF*ckers #279. Sure, the universe was destroyed, but will our heroes let that stop the party? No way! Vortex saves the day, but makes some tiny little fundamental changes in the structure of the universe, just for fun.
Also in this issue: Jack Krak clashes with his fans, Orange Lightning returns from the dead, yet another hero suffers a head injury, and Princess Sunshine makes-out with Grotus! Yuck! Read the comic book
series that has bloggers WTFing and LOLing all the way from here to Beijing. -- 24 pages, Full-Color Comic Book, Diamond: MAR073739


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