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Francesco Matteuzzi first bumped into Charles Schulz through the Peanuts Sunday strip published on February 10, 1980, when he wasn’t even able to read yet. He can’t say if that was love at first sight, but one thing is certain: from that time on, he never stopped enjoying Peanuts. The comic was so well drawn that it remains stuck in his mind to this day, over 40 years later…and he swears he understands it now.

Since then, Francesco has read many comics, and has written a few, of every kind and genre. Currently part of the staff for Martin Mystère, a popular Italian comic book series from Sergio Bonelli Editore, he has written numerous comics for the historic Italian weeklies Lanciostory and Skorpio, as well as stories for the comic book series Zagor and Dampyr. In 2017, along with Luca Mazzocco, he co-created the webcomic #vengoanchio, subsequently adapted into a five-volume graphic novel series. For the June 2022 issue of the Italian comic magazine linus, he collaborated with Luca Debus on a story about Charles M. Schulz. His recent works include several comic book biographies of artists, such as Mark Rothko: The Story of His Life (with Giovanni Scarduelli), and Banksy: A Graphic Novel (with Marco Maraggi), both published in English by Prestel. As far as he knows, his stories have been published in twelve countries.

Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz

Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz

by Luca Debus and Francesco Matteuzzi

“The human being — self-doubting, proud, committed and sometimes dark — who forged one of the most significant artistic creations of the 20th century comes through in these pages. By using the visual language of the Peanuts comic strip, Debus and Matteuzzi tap into our collective …

$39.99 (US)


ISBN 978-1-60309-526-6 - Diamond: JUN231394