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Coming in August: New gems from Kochalka and Hanshaw!

July 11, 2024 / More →

Talk to your favorite retailer to pre-order two brilliant new books coming in August from familiar faces:

Explore the hilarious frontiers of mind and body with James Kochalka in Jimmy's Elbow!

Jimmy has an elbow! Do you have one, too? Well, what if it could talk? Award-winning graphic novelist James Kochalka explores surreal frontiers of the body and mind in this psychedelic comedy for all ages.

Two troubled teens are pulled into new emotional orbits in... Space Junk!

In the shattered remnants of a doomed planet, the last shuttles are leaving soon… So why do these misfits want to stay behind? Top Shelf fave Julian Hanshaw (Tim Ginger, Cloud Hotel, Free Pass) returns with another quirky and profound sci-fi parable.

Power chords & family chores in Belzebubs (Vol. II): No Rest for the Wicked!

July 10, 2024 / More →

Hail Satan and help with your kid’s math homework! It’s the return of everyone’s favorite demon-summoning family next door, the cartoon black-metal band Belzebubs!

The highway to black metal stardom is finally open, but Belzebubs frontman Sløth is running out of gas! His wife Lucyfer is starting to curse her office job, little Leviathan is terrorizing his school principal, and Lilith's sneaking around with a boy who looks suspiciously like Belzebubs' new drummer... Can Sløth find time for both his band and family, or must he sacrifice his dreams on the altar of Real Life?

In a matter of years, JP Ahonen's webcomic Belzebubs has become a global online phenomenon with over a half-million fans, a #1 album, and wildly popular animated music videos. No Rest for the Wicked is the second collected edition of the beloved cult sensation, documenting the daily lives of your beloved black metal bffs.

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Make friends with America's mythical monsters in Deja Ross Speaks to Freaks!

July 3, 2024 / More →

Deja Ross is a seventh-grade cryptozoologist. That means she loves monsters... and hopes to someday prove they’re real!

On a long family road trip, she pulls out her new video camera to search for legendary creatures at every stop. One night, Deja sneaks out of the RV and meets the famous Texas chupacabra face-to-face! In her excitement to meet an actual cryptid, she charms the beast out of eating her. It turns out that mythical animals are not only real... they can talk. And maybe it’s time for their stories to be heard!

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COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Undergrowth by Ricky Lima & Daniele Aquilani!

June 28, 2024 / More →

Just announced at The Beat! Click through for an exclusive interview with the creators and a look at their stunning sample pages.  

After Red and her friends are killed by invaders from beyond, they’re revived inside massive organic battle-mechs. Time to take their planet back! It's a truly epic graphic novel about global crisis, mental health, and giant robots.

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American Library Association, here we come!

June 28, 2024 / More →

We're so excited to return to the beautiful city of San Diego twice this summer, and we're kicking that off this weekend! Our team will be spending some quality time with some of our most fervent supporters, the librarians of the American Library Association! 

If you're attending ALA this year, we can't wait to connect with you at booth #1625. Rumor has it that there may even be an advance copy of the long-awaited Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic at our table that can be viewed with the right incantation. (And by that we mean “ask us nicely and we'll give you a little peek!”)

If you aren't attending this year, this is a great weekend to visit your local library and check out the amazing things they have on offer! Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates from ALA Annual, as well. 

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