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In Utero

In Utero

by Chris Gooch

ISBN 978-1-60309-534-1 - Diamond: NOV231067

Akira meets Aliens, and Annihilation meets Evangelion, in this coming-of-age monster tale from award-winning graphic novelist Chris Gooch.

Twelve years after a disastrous explosion, young Hailey is dropped off by her mum at a holiday camp in a dilapidated shopping mall. Alienated from the other kids, she connects with an eerie older teen named Jen… but soon dark horrors awaken, and the two new friends are caught up in a cataclysmic battle between two terrifying creatures who have been lying dormant all this time.

One of Australia’s most acclaimed young graphic novelists, Chris Gooch expertly crafts a taut and intimate thriller about mothers and daughters, the monstrous and the mundane, and the power of friendship in the midst of catastrophe. -- a 248-page limited-color softcover graphic novel with 3” French flaps (6.5" x 10")

Praise for In Utero:

"I love Chris’s stuff always. Just a real cartoonist’s cartoonist. Not afraid to go down weird paths, follow his heart on stuff, and still make books that feel character driven and intimate. IN UTERO finds him exploring the AKIRA space of kids in an ever-changing world getting in over their heads with big monsters and huge stakes. It’s an engrossing book and well worth your time if you like character driven sci-fi." —Matthew Rosenberg (4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, What's the Furthest Place From Here?)

In Utero is everything I love about comics. Gripping, heartfelt storytelling and wonderful characters set in a haunting sci-fi world. Chris Gooch might be my new favorite cartoonist!” —Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Descender)

“Coming-of-age meets cosmic horror; unforgettably striking, both visually and emotionally.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A haunting and visually stunning piece from a compelling storyteller that delivers on its sci-fi horror promise.” Booklist (starred review)

“Tightly plotted... eerie and introspective.” Publishers Weekly

“Gooch is a powerhouse storyteller, flawlessly joining dread and whimsy in this tale that will delight anyone who has ever wanted to face danger with a friend. In Utero has all the elements of a blockbuster film and will likely fly off shelves.” School Library Journal

"Those who liked Stranger Things and like emotionally resonant stories about friendship will enjoy In Utero — if they’re okay with some brains and some teeth." - Multiversity Comics

In Utero is Gooch’s most genre-focused work to date — a coming-of-age story wrapped in an eerie creature feature, backdropped by a rotting shopping mall and a psychic realm. It’s a creepy read and a great-looking book.” — Kotaku AU

“On its face, In Utero is a story about monsters, but at heart, it’s a story about friendship, belonging, and finding the people in life who lift you to achieve your full potential... a compelling story that will entertain and resonate emotionally.” — Comic Book Resources

“A tightly coiled narrative about fear, family and the things waiting underground.” — BookPage

"A monster movie with a heart. Creepy morphology, plentiful viscera, dripping and oozing alien bodily fluids set against the lovely tale of two lonely young girls finding a friendship together." —

"Accessible, beautiful, and emotive, it packs a lot into its short page count. Perfect for monster fans, and for anyone who likes their horror with a hefty dose of sci-fi and feelings." — The AU Review


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