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Superf*ckers Forever

Superf*ckers Forever

by James Kochalka

ISBN 9781684050895 - Diamond: MAY170533

$17.99 (US)

KRAK IS BACK! After kind of destroying the world (whoops!), the wonderfully profane and destructive Superf*ckers are returned to life to hang out, make out, punch each other out, and generally cause a ruckus. But when their leader, SuperDan, insists on their help in rescuing an old friend still trapped in Dimension Zero, will it lead to the SuperF*ckers return to glory, or will they remain selfish jerks? Starring Jack Krak, Ultra Richard, Princess Sunshine, Grotus, and all your favorite super dirtbags in this all-new Superf*ckers comic series by creator James Kochalka, featuring back-up stories by Jake Lawrence, Laura Knetzger, Box Brown, Rachel Lindsay, Rebecca Tobin, and Tom Eccles!

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