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Sketchbook Diaries (Vol 3)

Sketchbook Diaries (Vol 3)

by James Kochalka

$7.95 (US)

Following the incredible success of James' first two diary sketchbooks, Top Shelf is proud to announce YEAR 3 of JAMES KOCHALKA'S SKETCHBOOK DIARY. From the silly to the sad, from the mundane to the fantastic, James Kochalka's diary comic strips cover the full spectrum of human experience. As he reproduces his life in a series of simple four panel comic strips, a remarkably complex and nuanced portrait of a human being's daily life takes form. It has proven to be Kochalka's funniest and most touching work. Winner of the 2002 Ignatz award for Outstanding Series. -- 96 pages, Diamond: STAR18151


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