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Monkey Vs. Robot (Vol 1)

Monkey Vs. Robot (Vol 1)

by James Kochalka

ISBN 978-1-891830-15-0 - Diamond: MAR053223

"An expressive, funny-sad book that rewards us with its deft execution." -- Peter Aaron Rose, Artbomb

A factory of self-replicating robots is stripping the jungle of its natural resources, threatening the territory of a colony of nearby monkeys. A series of encounters between the two groups quickly escalates into all out war. For all the book's humorous and charming appearance, beneath this entertaining veneer runs a stirring examination of the dual nature of existence, the dichotomy within the human mind, and our profound effect on the ecological environment. A modern day fable for adults and kids alike based on the age-old struggle between nature and technology. -- 160 pages


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