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In Perpetuity

In Perpetuity

by Maria Hoey and Peter Hoey

ISBN 978-1-60309-537-2 - Diamond: FEB241082

"The Hoey siblings (The Bend of Luck) twist pulp fiction into Lynchian strangeness in this savvy noir thriller set in the land of the dead. " - Publishers Weekly

"The muted tragedy, the gray melancholy of the A.L. and the still, silent wonder of the living world, the indescribable yet palpable sense of absence that accentuates what we don’t realize we have in existing, is grandly affecting and like no other work of art I’ve experienced." - HiLoBrow

"Do we have free will, or are we fated to fall into certain situations? What might the afterlife look like if it contained the same moral quandaries as our own world? With stylish strokes, In Perpetuity explores the Hoeys’ responses to these questions and takes us on a suspenseful, whimsically dark journey." - Kerry Vineberg, The Comics Beat

It’s a surreal smuggling operation across the boundaries of life and death in the latest moody mystery from award-winning graphic novelists Peter & Maria Hoey.

In perpetuity, the Afterlife is just as the ancient Greeks imagined: an endless twilight where time stands still and shades have nowhere to go. For Jim, that means long shifts at a gas station, with only crossword puzzles and cigarettes to break the tedium.

One day, two criminal shades from Jim’s past show up at the gas station and his existence takes a dangerous turn. They’ve tracked him down for something he didn’t know he had: the ability to cross back into the living world. It’s a rare gift, and they intend to exploit it.

Just as Jim crosses back into sunny California, he meets Olivia dying on an Echo Park sidewalk… pulling her back from the edge of death and striking a connection that will run deeper than either can imagine.

Jim weaves back and forth between the Afterlife and Los Angeles, but the more he tries to distance himself and Olivia from the criminals’ plot, the deeper they're pulled in. What follows is a web of deceit and murder that reaches across A.L. and L.A., and ultimately to Hades himself.

With a heady blend of film noir and Greek mythology, In Perpetuity reveals both the human capacity for self-deception and the endurance of love.

-- a 208-page, full-color, softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 10” x 8.5” (landscape)


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