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In this captivating debut, two best friends becoming more than friends feels like a dream come true. But when one sleepover literally turns into a dream, will they ever want to wake up again?

"I wish we could stay here forever."

Amber and Nico would make an odd couple. She's a headstrong goofball with a temper. He's a shy, self-conscious emo boy. But they've been best friends since 3rd grade AND are both very good at video games, and she can't hide her feelings for him any longer. During the end of eighth grade class beach trip, she confesses to him her undying love--to no one's surprise (except hers), the feeling is mutual! Thus begins a glorious, blissful summer of first love.

But life gets complicated once high school starts. Amber and Nico are faced with their toughest challenges yet: getting to school by 7:25 AM every day, dealing with bullies, and juggling their relationship, friendships, and homework. Things start to spiral out of control, causing Amber and Nico to cling to each other and neglect their friends. Soon, they find themselves stressed, depressed, and friendless. Amber wishes she could run away with Nico from the never-ending nightmare of high school.

One night, when they are playing video games together, Amber gets her wish--she and Nico mysteriously fall into a shared lucid dream where anything they imagine becomes possible and endless adventure awaits. Will they run away together forever or choose to return to the real world? -- a 312-page, full-color graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 6” x 8.5” (portrait)