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Free Pass

Free Pass

by Julian Hanshaw

ISBN 978-1-60309-505-1 - Diamond: JAN220456

"Free Pass is an optimistic, clever and amusing look at where we are heading as a society. And Julian’s use of colour is gorgeous." — Chester Brown, author of Ed the Happy Clown, Paying for It, and Louis Riel

"Hanshaw has outdone himself with Free Pass. A futuristic sex fantasy that is as much fun for women as it is for men, set against the background of our world-gone-mad politics, this story glows in Hanshaw’s unearthly artwork." — Jennifer Hayden, author of The Story of My Tits

"A fascinating exploration of freedom and responsibility in the personal and public spheres, well played out through believable characters, and smart dialogue... Free Pass will still be worth re-reading in five years, or ten or twenty." — Slings & Arrows

"The simulated dreamspaces of the coming metaverse and flash points of modern politics collide in this eerie and low-key cringey comedy... The art is brilliantly colorful yet somewhat grimy... this comic reads like a dispatch from an uncomfortably close future." — Publishers Weekly

Free Pass is an intoxicating tale of liberty, suppression, and shame, set in the sticky place where sex, politics, and technology come together.

George Orwell said ''You are free to be a drunkard, an idler, a coward, backbiter, a fornicator. You are not free to think for yourself.''

Huck and Nadia are enjoying their twenties: working in Big Tech and developing an adventurous sex life. As they discuss their fantasies, including the possibility of swapping partners and drafting a “free pass” list, they take pride in their honest and transparent relationship.

But when it comes to politics, Huck is leading a double life. As a national election looms, he grows more and more uncomfortable with his company’s unelected authority over internet discourse.

When the couple receives a bizarre gift — a cutting-edge humanoid sex AI that can morph into anyone with an internet presence — their worlds of fantasy, trust, and consent are blissfully thrown into chaos.

In a society growing more divided each day, Huck struggles with the pressure to uphold the boundaries of a binary world at work while everything is collapsing at home.

-- a 192-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps, 6.5" x 9" (portrait)


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