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Belzebubs (Vol 2): No Rest for the Wicked

Belzebubs (Vol 2): No Rest for the Wicked

by JP Ahonen

ISBN 978-1-60309-542-6 - Diamond Code: FEB248827

Hail Satan and help with your kid’s math homework! It’s the return of everyone’s favorite demon-summoning family next door, the cartoon black-metal band Belzebubs!

Sløth is juggling his stay-at-home dad obligations with his lifelong dream of being a black metal icon. His breadwinner wife, Lucy, is fed up with her job and just one meltdown away from sacrificing her colleagues to Satan. Their teenage daughter, Lilith, is wielding the effects of her raging hormones on her boyfriend Sam—who also happens to be Sløth’s new drummer. And then there’s Leviathan, who appears to be the only one exhibiting some sort of societal normalcy in the family. Unfortunately, he’s only nine.

Can Sløth handle his fierce wife, wicked kids, a very lively mother-in-law, a very deceased father-in-law, his dysfunctional band, their mounting debts, and still achieve his dream? Probably not, but that sure as Hell won’t stop him from trying.

In a matter of years, Belzebubs has become a global online phenomenon with over a half-million fans, a virtual band, and animated music videos. No Rest for the Wicked is the second collected edition of the beloved cult sensation, documenting the daily lives of your beloved black metal bffs. Featuring an foreword by Max Sarin and an afterword by Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth! -- a 144-page, B&W HARDCOVER strip collection (6.9" x 6.1", landscape)

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