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D. Bradford Gambles has been uncomfortably hunched over a computer making comics for way too long. He’s created comics and illustrations for magazines, anthologies, and even the internet (they don’t let just anyone do that). Past works include the webcomic Food Hates You and the short comic A Lone Deer at the End of the World (Birdcage Bottom Books, 2018). Shred or Dead is his first published graphic novel. He lives in Utah with his partner, Kade, and their roommate, Kleo (who is a cat). Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but he’s also never set foot on a skateboard.

Shred or Dead

Shred or Dead

by D. Bradford Gambles

Can skateboarding save the world?! Level up from total noob to cosmic hero in this totally epic graphic novel that will kickflip your brain.

Sam and her little sister Gearhead just wanted a crew to belong to. But when the Too Cool Crew takes over their skating territory, this motley bunch of …

$19.99 (US)


ISBN 978-1-60309-547-1