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Sam Fonseca has been drawing comics since he discovered that the anime he watched on TV as a child came from manga—and that it was possible to create all that stuff by himself using paper and pencil (still his tools of choice). Nowadays, he alternates duties between art direction, storyboard art, script writing for animation and TV projects, and creating comics. His comic project Age of Rust was nominated three times for the HQMix Prize, and his other title, Dynamite & Laser Beam, won in the “best webcomic” category. Sam also has the strange hobby of creating soundtracks for his comics.

Shadowplay (Book 1): Midnight School

Shadowplay (Book 1): Midnight School

by Sam Fonseca

Jaw-dropping artwork illuminates a mind-bending work of psychological horror about creative souls struggling against oppression and depression.

The light came from the street. It looked like there was no light on in the school—even though this was the evening class. "Get down from that chair," …

$24.99 (US)


ISBN 978-1-60309-548-8