News / Save up for Penny Nichols and three more amazing Spring books!

Save up for Penny Nichols and three more amazing Spring books!

February 16, 2019

We've got a fantastic and diverse lineup in this month's Diamond Previews now for release in May and June: Penny Nichols (a hilarious love letter to indie/DIY culture), two delightful kids' books in Surfside Girls 2 and Box, and the final issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Meet the murderously funny PENNY NICHOLS!

Somehow, sarcastic Penny's gotten roped into helping make an amateur slasher film. With a team of flakes and weirdos, she’s probably the only one who can save this stupid movie… but maybe it can save her, too. Now can somebody please stop that dog from licking the fake blood?

“I never wanted to be a teacher or lawyer. I never wanted to be anything, really.” Stuck working mind-numbing temp jobs, Penny Nichols yearns to break free from the rut she’s found herself in. When, by chance, she falls in with a group of misfits making a no-budget horror movie called “Blood Wedding,” everything goes sideways. Soon her days are overrun with gory props, failed Shakespearean actors, a horny cameraman, and a disappearing director. Somehow Penny must hold it all together and keep the production from coming apart at the seams. This hilarious original graphic novel is a loving tribute to the chaos and camaraderie of DIY filmmaking, and the ways we find our future — and our family — in the unlikeliest of places.

Penny Nichols by MK Reed, Greg Means, & Matt Wiegle

$19.99 (US) • ISBN 978-1-60309-448-1 • Diamond order code: FEB190752

208 pages • black & white • softcover graphic novel w/ flaps • 6" x 9"

For mature readers (16+) • Read a 3-page preview!

Coming in June 2019!

Pre-order from your favorite comic shop or anywhere books are sold.

Catch a wave of new adventure with the SURFSIDE GIRLS!

Sam and Jade are back! Get ready for more ancient mysteries, beautiful beaches, cute boys, and wild adventures in this delightful full-color graphic novel.

When one of the ghosts from Danger Point gets… spooked, it’s time for Sam and Jade to pull out the Journal of Weird and jump into action! Trying to solve this two-hundred-year-old mystery takes the girls all over their town and beyond, all while Surfside’s Annual Surf Competition is going on. Add to the mix a cute surfer boy, a mysterious mustached man with a guitar, and a very jealous Sam — can the surfing sleuths save the day again?

Surfside Girls (Book Two): The Mystery at the Old Rancho by Kim Dwinell

$14.99 (US) • ISBN 978-1-60309-447-4 • Diamond order code: FEB190753

208 pages • full color • softcover graphic novel w/flaps • 6" x 9"

For ages 9-12 and up • Read a 6-page preview!

Coming in June 2019!

Pre-order from your favorite comic shop or anywhere books are sold.

Unpack the wild imagination of BOX!

Every kid knows a cardboard box can be magic. But what if it could talk? This funny and fast-paced graphic novel celebrates friendship and the fun of building new things.

Matthew likes to build things. And invent things. So finding a box sitting in front of his house one day is a real stroke of luck. But he has to pinch himself when it suddenly starts talking. A living toolbox! Even better, Box loves to invent things too, so the two become fast friends. But where did Box come from, and how did he get to be so magical? When his secret comes out and accidentally leaves Matthew’s parents frozen, the two friends will have to race to find the answers and save the day.

Box (Book One) by Uwe Heidschötter & Patrick Wirbeleit

$9.99 (US) • ISBN 978-1-60309-449-8 • Diamond order code: FEB190751

72 pages • full color • softcover graphic novel w/flaps • 6" x 9"

For ages 5-9 and up • Read a 5-page preview!

Coming in June 2019!

Pre-order from your favorite comic shop or anywhere books are sold.

And last but not least... announcing the final issue of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN — ever!

In Moore and O’Neill’s final comic-book, this issue masquerading as a British science-fiction weekly, the plot-strands of our concluding volume and loose ends from twenty years of continuity are tied in an ingenious starry bow, as Mina Murray and her legendary confederates transition from the world of fiction past and present to the world of fiction future.

Planets end in visual spectacle, lovers are united in the matrimonial event of the millennium, and deadly enemies draw close in the conclusion of their fatal dances.

This is your last call for the immaculate crescendo of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: The Tempest.

Co-Published by Top Shelf Productions (US) and Knockabout (UK).

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol IV): The Tempest #6 (of 6)

by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

$4.99 (US) • Diamond order code: FEB190749

32 pages • (mostly) full-color comic book

For mature readers (16+)

Coming in May 2019!

Pre-order now from your favorite comic shop with Diamond order code FEB190749!