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You Don't Say

You Don't Say

by Nate Powell

ISBN 978-1-60309-366-8 - Diamond: MAR15-0332

"You Don't Say is more than just a collection of immaculate stories; it's also a glimpse at the evolution of one of today's most gifted storytellers." — Scott Snyder

"Haunting, poetic, and visually lyrical, You Don’t Say will get stuck in your head — you’ll be humming its tunes long after you’ve closed the book." — Becky Cloonan

"While the stories plunge readers into diverse situations... they are unified in an overarching theme: how do people reconcile themselves with the world? This question is both central to Powell’s work and highly relevant to teen readers. Elusive, ethereal, and compelling." — Booklist

"Powell’s powerful art eschews gentle shading for sharp lines and inky black pools that frame the emotional context... when the art and text come together, everything works." — Publishers Weekly

"Anything that Nate Powell writes and draws is pretty much a must-read... As a writer, he's both honest and compassionate, exploring topics like mental illness and childhood cruelty with authenticity. As an artist, he's inventive, expressive, and constantly shifting his style to suit the story." Comics Alliance

A celebrity glares. A community burns. A child’s heart breaks. A recipe summons a ghost. A dying woman makes her peace. An art form sustains the spirit. In You Don't Say, award-winning graphic novelist Nate Powell — of the New York Times Bestseller March, and the Eisner Award-Winning “Graphic Novel of the Year” Swallow Me Whole — collects a decade of powerful short works. Autobiography, fiction, essay comics, collaborations, and more fill these thoughtful, pitch-black pages, comprising rare and previously unreleased material from 2004-2013. -- a 176-page softcover graphic novel with 4” French flaps (color cover, b&w interiors), 6.5” (w) 9.5” (h) (portrait)


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