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Undeleted Scenes

Undeleted Scenes

by Jeffrey Brown

ISBN 978-1-60309-058-2

"Thoroughly engaging and loaded with charm to burn, this latest work from Brown is a perfect example of how to do autobiographical comics right. ... this is good stuff that solidly resonates with a palpable and universal humanity and bears repeated readings." -- Publishers Weekly

"It's essentially an odds and ends collection, but it reads like a greatest hits." -- Playback:STL

"Undeleted Scenes should be on the serious comic book reader’s must-buy list." -- Comic Book Bin

"Undeleted Scenes is a fantastic collection of ... some of the best work of Brown’s career. ... the way that Brown gets at the heart of small details to convey a larger emotional truth is what makes his comics so compulsively readable." -- Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

Undeleted Scenes presents a decade’s worth of shorter works from indie comics legend Jeffrey Brown. This huge compendium contains stories from the previous collections Minisulk, Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me, and Feeble Attempts, as well as Jeffrey's work from anthologies such as Kramers Ergot and McSweeney's, plus rare material from minicomics and elsewhere, including dozens of pages of never-before-seen material. Spanning humor, autobiography, and beyond, some of Jeffrey's most beloved comics are in here –- including the fan-favorite self-parody collection Be A Man! All in all, it's an essential addition to every comic reader's Jeffrey Brown library. -- A 352-Page Graphic Novel, 5" x 7", Diamond: MAR10-1140


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