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Sulk (Vol 2): Deadly Awesome

Sulk (Vol 2): Deadly Awesome

by Jeffrey Brown

ISBN 978-1-60309-031-5

$10.00 (US)

Top Shelf presents a new one-man anthology series showcasing the tireless creative energy of Jeffrey Brown! SULK is a series of pocket-sized standalone mini-graphic novels, providing the world its regular dose of 100% pure Jeffrey. What will he come up with next!?

In SULK (VOL 2): DEADLY AWESOME, Jeffrey Brown explores the world of mixed martial arts and the nature of violence in this tribute to no-holds-barred cage fighting! Featuring (yes, it’s true) an incredible 80-page fight scene, aging veteran fighter Haruki Rabasaku faces off against young powerhouse Eldark Garprub. With furious strikes and technical submission holds, this story will thrill newbies as well as hardcore fans of ultimate fighting!

Future volumes will contain science fiction and fantasy stories, as well as meditations on the comics form, and more! -- 96-Page Graphic Novel, 6 1/2" x 4 3/4", Diamond: OCT084393


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