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Nemo Trilogy (Slipcase Edition)

Nemo Trilogy (Slipcase Edition)

by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill

ISBN 978-1-60309-381-1 - Diamond: AUG15-0326

With a classic two-fisted spirit of adventure, Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill explore stunning new horizons of their League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe with the bestselling Nemo trilogy! These spinoff graphic novels follow the terrifying pirate queen Janni Nemo in her confrontations with unearthly Antarctic horrors (Heart of Ice), mechanical metropolitan monstrosities (The Roses of Berlin), and depraved tropical tyrants (River of Ghosts). Now, these handsome hardcovers are joined in a magnificent slipcase gloriously illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. -- A Slipcase Edition of the three 56-page hardcover graphic novels: Nemo: Heart of Ice, Nemo: The Roses of Berlin, & Nemo: River of Ghosts (shrink wrapped), 7” x 10.75” x 1.5”

"Moore and O’Neill construct enormous fictional amalgamations from the literature of the past. No one else has ever done it nearly as well as these two." Comic Book Resources

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