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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol III): Century #2 - 1969

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol III): Century #2 - 1969

by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill

ISBN 978-1-60309-006-3

$9.95 (US)

by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

"Easily one of the best of the year." -- Scott Thill, Wired

"Fans won't be let down by the latest instalment of this clever, lurid saga." -- James Smart, The Guardian

"The League series exhibits what I like best in comics... Moore's script exhibits the anything-goes freedom that's always characterized his work: He's a cultural anarchist who has somehow found a way to roam free in a densely commercialized world." -- Robert Fulford, National Post

"Breathtaking." -- Sean T. Collins, The Comics Journal

"A magical mystery tour through Alan Moore's head... I'm kind of in awe of Moore's attempts to cram all of fiction into one collective universe. O'Neill delivers his master class in acid trip visuals." -- Cyriaque Lamar, io9

"The numerous appearances of fictional favorites, obscurities and real-life analogues deepen the enjoyment of this ripping yarn. Kudos also to the faithful and steadfast Kevin O'Neill, whose startling art is more than equal to Moore's relentlessly clever script." -- Richard Pachter, Miami Herald

"Part fun fiction exercise, part straight up adventure story... a flat-out fun book to read." -- Chad Nevett, Comic Book Resources

"A psychedelic kaleidoscope... its offhand grandeur makes most of the rest of the mainstream pale into insignificance." -- Bryan A. Hollerbach, Playback:STL

"Moore really does have everything, absolutely everything, perfectly cross-referenced and working as one giant, continuous storyline... It is truly a wonderful, magnificent comic." -- Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

Co-Published By Top Shelf Productions & Knockabout

CHAPTER TWO takes place almost sixty years later in the psychedelic daze of Swinging London during 1969, a place where Tadukic Acid Diethylamide 26 is the drug of choice, and where different underworlds are starting to overlap dangerously to an accompaniment of sit-ins and sitars. The vicious gangster bosses of London's East End find themselves brought into contact with a counter-culture underground of mystical and medicated flower-children, or amoral pop-stars on the edge of psychological disintegration and developing a taste for Satanism. Alerted to a threat concerning the same magic order that she and her colleagues were investigating during 1910, a thoroughly modern Mina Murray and her dwindling league of comrades attempt to navigate the perilous rapids of London's hippy and criminal subculture, as well as the twilight world of its occultists. Starting to buckle from the pressures of the twentieth century and the weight of their own endless lives, Mina and her companions must nevertheless prevent the making of a Moonchild that might well turn out to be the antichrist. -- an 80-page full-color softcover graphic novel, 6.625" x 10.125", Diamond: MAY11-1195


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