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Angel Passage (music cd)

Angel Passage (music cd)

by Alan Moore

Special Limited Import Music CD

$20.00 (US)

Top Shelf Productions is proud to present Alan Moore's all-new performance CD from the Steven Severin's RE: label. Following on from the critical acclaim of last year's THE HIGHBURY WORKING, Alan Moore turns his psychogeographic eye to the life and works of William Blake. Originally performed at London's Purcell Rooms as part of this year's William Blake retrospective, ANGEL PASSAGE is a hallucinatory whirl through Blake's mystical world, told in the magickal words of Moore and set to the mesmeric musical moods of Tim Perkins. ANGEL PASSAGE is proof positive of Moore's position as a storyteller of enchanting proportions. Alan Moore collectors won't want to miss the opportunity to pick up this rare Alan Moore import.

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