Winner of the Harvey & Ignatz Awards for Best Graphic Novel.

"Indie Book of the Year" -- Wizard Magazine

"Most indie film should be this good." -- Entertainment Weekly

"A master of the slice-of-life indie comic genre." -- Publishers Weekly

"A drama and a thriller that plays to the real strength of the medium." -- Variety

"Carefully and cleverly structured. … Such an accomplishment is no easy trick." -- Time

"If Brian Bendis is comics' David Mamet, and Grant Morrison its David Cronenberg, then Alex Robinson is its Robert Altman." -- Matt Singer, The Village Voice

"Brilliant … Robinson's work has the potential to appeal to comics fans who don't normally read "alternative" comics and to readers who normally avoid comics entirely. Highly recommended." -- Library Journal

"I've read a lot of excellent graphic novels this year, but I haven't read a better one than Tricked. A wonderful piece of work about life and the mistakes we make and the demons that drive us." -- Heidi MacDonald, Comics Buyer's Guide

Alex Robinson, "the master of true-to-life relationship drama" (Library Journal), has created another tour de force. Tricked follows the lives of six people -- a reclusive rock legend, a heartbroken waitress, a counterfeiter, an obsessive crank, a lost daughter, and a frustrated lover -- whose lives are unconnected until an act of violence brings them spiraling in on each other. Combining intriguing characters with a story structure that is both complex and innovative, Tricked is not to be missed. Now in an all-new hardcover edition with a brand new cover to boot! -- A 352-Page HARDCOVER Graphic Novel (with an all new cover designed by Matt Kindt), Diamond: JUN053269


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