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Rose Wolves (Book 1)

Rose Wolves (Book 1)

by Natalie Warner

ISBN 978-1-60309-531-0 - Diamond: AUG231462

A Finalist for the Excellence in Graphic Literature Award!

“Warner’s sketchy illustrations, rendered using varying red hues, eloquently convey a story of love, friendship, and acceptance that is heartwarming and sweet.” — Publishers Weekly

“Cute without being saccharine, bittersweet without being ponderous. An exploration of love, kindness, and duty communicated eloquently without a word.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Delightful and approachable.” — School Library Journal

This wordless two-color graphic novel is an enthralling fable about disability, companionship, and transformation, set in the haunting beauty of the wild.

One day, a little girl picks an unusual flower from an unusual bush in the forest. Overnight, the flower blooms and turns into a magical creature: a rose wolf, missing a leg just like she is missing an arm. Together, the new friends must go on a journey to find where they belong.

In her graphic novel debut, Canadian cartoonist Natalie Warner presents a moody, tender, and captivating new fairy tale, without using a single word. Fans of Nightlights, Sheets, and The Tea Dragon Society will hold it close and read it again & again. -- an 80-page 2-color hardcover graphic novel (6.25" x 8")