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Jennifer Daydreamer: Anna & Eva

Jennifer Daydreamer: Anna & Eva

by Jennifer Daydreamer

$4.95 (US)

"Jennifer Daydreamer's cartoons have the beguiling insouciance of wind-tossed clouds and the heart wrenching purity of nymphs dancing in a sylvan glade." -- Jim Woodring

Developing a steady cult following, this unique fantasy series is one fans won't want to miss. Each book is a self-contained story, with a continuing cast of characters, set in the melancholic world of Encephalon. In Jennifer Daydreamer's latest volume (#2), Anna and Eva, we meet Ben, a lonely, rebellious boy, longing to run away and join the circus, and the Pettibone family, where Anna longs to talk to her dead sister, Eva. ... Daydreamer's comics aren't just mere stories. Bewitching many readers with her layers of symbol and meaning, fans will delight in the underlying meditation on the nature of psychic phenomena. -- 84 pages, Diamond: DEC032722


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