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Jennifer Daydreamer #1

Jennifer Daydreamer #1

by Jennifer Daydreamer

$4.95 (US)

Mini-comic fan favorite, Jennifer Daydreamer, cracks her world open a bit more for this exciting new series of stand-alone books from Top Shelf. Her complete fantasy universe, called Encephalon, is akin to a dreamier Wizard of Oz or a hallucinatory Harry Potter. Daydreamer has spent nearly three years studying symbols, fairy tales, schizophrenia and the various natures of reality in preparation for this new series. ... In this first volume, Oliver, there are three intertwined stories set in Jennifer's unique quirky landscape that feature the psychic Circus Zazel, bratty angels, thoughts that walk around, and the title character Oliver, a small pre-pubescent boy in a devil costume. Jennifer's drawings are dense, lush and almost vibrate off the page. Don't miss this exciting full-scale debut by this wholly unique artist. -- 60 pages, Diamond: NOV022770


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