by David Chelsea

$5.00 (US)

"A surreal trip into the headspace of one of comicdom’s more iconoclastic writer/illustrators." -- Bart Croonenborghs, Broken Frontier

“Twenty-Four Times Two.” The author of David Chelsea in Love and Perspective! picks up Scott McCloud's ball and runs with it in these two 24-Hour Comics stories (out of a flabbergasting eight he's produced over the past few years). In "Everybody Gets It Wrong," David makes the argument that all autobiographical comics produced so far, definitely including his own, falsify experience because they show the author as one of the characters rather than telling the story as seen from his own eyes. Putting theory into practice, David illustrates a number of dreams from his diary while strictly keeping to the dreamer's point of view. "Sleepless" takes this method further, telling a richly stippled story of lava lamps, time travel, and a mysterious lady cartoonist in blue velvet, all seen through the eyes of a lead character who is never shown. -- 48-Page Comic Book, 5" x 7 1/2", Diamond: MAR083997, UPC 094922897800