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Junction True

Junction True

by Ray Fawkes and Vince Locke

ISBN 978-1-891830-99-0

$29.99 (US)


"It’s the freaks who always change the world."

"We brought down the genome patents and open-sourced the medical profession. That was us. We crashed the plastic surgery business. We paved the way for parasite chic. The body became a new kind of playground and we, celebrating the future, we became the Neumod."

In the near-future Neumod culture of parasite addicts and hardcore one-upmanship, Dirk Brody has found love. He’ll do anything to prove himself to the woman of his dreams -- even if it means blurring the boundaries of his flesh with the radical, illegal Junction True procedure.

Once he starts, he can never go back…

An ugly tale of beautiful people written by Ray Fawkes (MNEMOVORE, SPOOKSHOW. ONE SOUL) and illustrated by Vince Locke (DEADWORLD, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, & SANDMAN). -- a 128-page full-color deluxe paperback graphic novel