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by JP Ahonen

ISBN 978-1-60309-442-9 - Diamond: OCT180731

$14.99 (US)


Belzebubs strikes that delicate balance between adorable and totally fucking metal.”—Steven Seigh, Talking Comics

Praise for JP Ahonen:

"JP Ahonen is, flat-out, one of the best comic artists and writers working in the world today. His comics are hilarious, action-packed, and heartwarming in equal measure." — Kazu Kibuishi, author of the Amulet series

“A visual sonic boom.” — The Village Voice

Juggling work and family can be… hell. Calvin & Hobbes meets Call of Cthulhu as the sensationally popular heavy metal webcomic Belzebubs comes to print in a grim, goofy, and gorgeous hardcover.

Belzebubs is a “trve kvlt mockumentary” focusing on the everyday challenges of family life: raising kids, running a small business, and making time for worship. Except the kids are named Lilith and Leviathan, the business is a black-metal band, and the worship… isn’t exactly aimed upstairs.

In a few short years, what started out as improvised social-media doodles has now become a wildly successful webcomic with hundreds of thousands of fans. The irresistible cartooning of JP Ahonen (Sing No Evil) combines relatable slice-of-life humor with over-the-top occult antics and references from metal music to Lovecraftian horror, making Belzebubs a devil of a good time. Featuring an introduction by Becky Cloonan! -- a 128-page hardcover strip collection (B&W interiors), 6.9” x ~6.1” (landscape)