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The Australian Invasion has landed!

November 13, 2020

Three brilliant graphic novelists from Down Under are washing ashore in America — and around the world!

Pat Grant's The Grot, Campbell Whyte's Home Time II, and Chris Gooch's Under-Earth are in stores now.

In their own distinctive styles, all three of these visionary cartoonists explore themes of climate anxiety, community, xenophobia, nostalgia, corruption, and imagination... while constantly surprising and captivating the reader with verbal and visual charm.

So broaden your horizons and pick up the work of these amazing antipodeans — it's cheaper than a flight to Sydney!

Get to know Pat, Campbell, and Chris in this video interview!

To celebrate the release of these three fantastic books, the Comics and Graphic Novels team from the Australian Library and Information Association has hosted a virtual panel with the authors, moderated by James Baker of the Athenaeum Library in Melbourne. Check it out!