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Three Fingers

Three Fingers

by Rich Koslowski

ISBN 978-1-891830-31-0

$14.95 (US)

WINNER of the 2003 Ignatz Award for Best Graphic Novel!

"Genuine comic book genius." — Panel Patter

"Three Fingers is what you'd get if Oliver Stone had done Who Framed Roger Rabbit... It's a completely involving piece of work. You go along with it, this great big mad yarn, until finally you're squirming uncomfortably in your seat." — Artbomb

"A delicious re-imagining of cartoon history. The bright and shiny past of film animation is muddied up and tarnished in this dark take on the early years of the industry. A concept this precise could only have been written by a true fan... The book is not easily forgotten." — Comic Book Bin

" . . . a single-minded obsession with animation history informs this work even as its creator twists and tears that history into a new, hideous, and hilarious form. There’s a little bit of Roger Rabbit and a whole lot of Spinal Tap at work here. Twisted and dark, funny and frightening, this is a deliciously evil toon history that demands attention." -- Alan David Doane

Top Shelf is proud to present a very unique comics project. Through a series of never-before-seen interviews and rare photos, documentary-maker Rich Koslowski reveals the horrifying true story behind the Cartoon industry and our most celebrated cartoon actors -- the story that Hollywood doesn't want you to see. Told in the same style as a Ken Burns documentary, with interviews of 'toon stars today as well as historical "file footage" of the "early years," this work of fiction will forever change the way you think of those beloved characters in the white gloves. … Rich Koslowski has worked in the Animation and Comic Book industry for the past 12 years. Best known for his three-time, Eisner-nominated work on his self-published parody title "The 3 Geeks," this ground-breaking graphic novel is sure to appeal to everyone. -- 144 pages, Diamond: MAR10-1138


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