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The Well

The Well

by Jon Allen

ISBN 978-1-60309-549-5

$29.99 (US)

Cute characters, quarter-life crises, chemical supplements, and corporate catastrophes — Jon Allen’s cult-favorite online comic is now a must-read graphic novel!

Veronika is twenty-four years old and tired. Tired of her crummy boyfriend, tired of living with her parents, tired of feeling stalled out while everyone else moved on. But now she has a chance to turn things around — new friends, new home, and a new job writing software for a chemical company that makes powerful brain-boosting energy drinks. At this rate, Veronika may never feel tired again! But as she gets more comfortable with the office and the people in it, Veronika stumbles upon surprises in the dark that leave her questioning everything she thinks she knows about herself.

With confident cartooning and expert pacing, writer/artist Jon Allen makes his Top Shelf debut as a must-read storyteller whose anthropomorphic animals feel exquisitely human. The Well combines deadpan dialogue with thrilling plot twists, and its skepticism about techno-utopian promises is matched by its affection for relatable characters. Fans of offbeat slice-of-life stories with a dark underbelly (Bojack Horseman, Severance, The Menu, Get Out) will plunge into these pages and resurface, gasping, at the story’s end. -- a 720-page, B&W, softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps (7" x 7")