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The Masterplan

The Masterplan

by Scott Mills

ISBN 978-1-891830-39-6 - Diamond: STAR18940

$24.95 (US)

"Scott Mills is a unique and driven artist, his works are purely original and speak from his soul." -- Mike Avon Oeming. Scott Mills, the critically-acclaimed cartoonist behind CELLS, BIG CLAY POT, and TRENCHES, does it again! In the grand tradition of the works of Arthur C Clarke, Stephen Baxter, and Stephen Hawking comes a 300-page graphic novel that bends the very concept of sci-fi to its limits. Carter Zacharias is a man with a mission, a scientist who will stop at nothing to save the universe itself from its unrelenting expansion...and God help any man, woman, or planet that gets in his way. When stars shatter and worlds collide, just's all part of THE MASTERPLAN." -- 312 pages.

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