The Lab

The Lab

by Allison Conway

ISBN 978-1-60309-461-0 - Diamond: OCT190844

Nominated for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Story!

This “silent” graphic novel follows a nameless subject trapped in a nightmarish test facility, raising unsettling questions of exploitation and oppression.

"A great example of how to create a bleak / hopeless environment, but still manage to let a lot of emotions show... and just with art, not using a single letter." — Sequential Tart

The Lab is a wordless visual journey into the grim machinery of exploitation. Its nameless protagonist is held in solitary captivity, alternately poked, prodded, starved, drugged, and worse. Brief glimpses of other test subjects, undergoing their own ordeals, are few and far between. But is all this abuse and isolation purely arbitrary? Or is there a purpose?

Painstakingly and evocatively rendered, Allison Conway’s debut graphic novel explores the spectrum between lifeless gray and vivid color. It asks uncomfortable questions about the treatment we tolerate and the injustices underlying our modern world. -- a 176-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with 3” French Flaps, 6” x 9”