by Frederik Peeters

ISBN 978-1-60309-459-7 - Diamond: AUG190836

Winner of the “Essential” Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival

"Peeters examines the complexity of human relationships—among friends, lovers, parents and their children—in this moving and unpredictable sf epic... Peeters is a compositional genius, utilizing stunning swaths of negative space and thick fields of inky darkness that imbue nearly every panel on every page of this volume with dynamism and pathos." — Tom Batten, Library Journal (starred review)

"Peeters explores the drive to lose one’s self in something larger, and renders Lupus’s obliteration as terrifyingly dark as it is extravagantly beautiful. The result is a melancholic/psychedelic triumph of graphic fiction." — Publishers Weekly

“Frederik Peeters is without a doubt one of the leading auteurs of his generation. While Lupus contains all the elements of the sci-fi genre, this master of subtlety, tone, and composition gives us an introspective tour of the palette of human relations... a true must-read of graphic novels.” Canal BD

“Magnificent… Peeters treats us with a touching story of love and humanity, crafted with the skill of a jeweler.” — Jean-Louis Musy, Kiblind

“A science fiction story that dismantles the flat conventions of the genre, using its creative possibilities to draw a lucid and eloquent meditation on the challenges of growing older and the fundamental disorientation of a human being confronting infinity.” — Juan Manuel Díaz de Guereñu, University of Deusto

"A beautifully realized comic-epic-romance... Its easy juxtapositions of the mundane and the spectacular are genuinely moving and the completion of the story is wonderfully satisfying. This is both a well-crafted page-turner and a book that rewards multiple re-readings. Does that make it a masterpiece? I suppose it probably does.” — Bart Beaty, The Comics Reporter

Award-winning Swiss graphic novelist Frederik Peeters (Blue Pills) soars to new heights with an existential interplanetary epic that never strays far from the human heart.

Lupus Lablennorre is a man on the run. Like a cosmic Odysseus, he wanders from planet to planet, haunted by his past and orbiting around a woman.

It starts as a fishing trip with his old pal, Tony. Their friendship has started to feel different lately, and not just because of the drugs. Picking up Sanaa, a beautiful runaway, only complicates the situation. When tragedy strikes, they're forced to flee to new worlds, each offering many ways to disappear. But Lupus will find that the tendrils of friendship, love, and family are not so easily severed.

Armed with astonishingly expressive brushwork and a dreamy, intimate narrative, Frederik Peeters drifts on the solar winds to a new understanding of memory, guilt, isolation, and connection. -- a 392-page, softcover graphic novel with 4” French flaps (B&W interiors) (approx. 8.66” x 11.41”)