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Hutch Owen (Vol 2): Unmarketable

Hutch Owen (Vol 2): Unmarketable

by Tom Hart

ISBN 978-1-891830-55-6

$14.95 (US)

"A devastating satire, Unmarketable feels like a scalding hot poker cauterizing the open wound of American corporate and consumer culture." -- Andrew D. Arnold,

"Hart's angry nonconformist Hutch Owen is a modern comics icon-a pissed-off homeless man who stands up for idealism and represents the individual against looming corporate hegemony. But the tales in this collection are not angry diatribes. Instead, they mix slapstick and verbal humor to create high-level social satire ... seeing all sides of the
stories he's telling." -- Publishers Weekly

"Owen is the consummate outsider … His call to individual liberty and self-fulfillment is the foundation of the comic's philosophy." -- The Comics Journal

"It's so accurately dead-on that it's scary .. an amazing character … his refusal to become another interchangeable part in society's machine is believable, amusing, and intensely applicable at the same time." -- Savant Magazine

"Hutch Owen is to the turn of the millennium what Mr. Natural was to the end of the 60s: he's a prophet a socio-political saboteur and a spanner in the works of this f***ked-up corporate-run money-worshiping cesspit of a global economy … He's the hero we all immediately recognize and desperately need." -- Dylan Horrocks

This graphic novel collects the all-new travels and travails of Hutch Owen, the outrageous homeless rebel that battles the corporate forces that control our lives. Included in this volume are: "Public Relations," where Hutch is pitted against the Worner company and a PR firm bent on redesigning the World Trade Center Site; "Aristotle," in which Hutch winds up in Worner's employ as a slogan writer; as well as several other stories. Don't miss this politically astute and heart-warming farce. -- 208 pages, Diamond: SEP042964


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