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by Koren Shadmi

ISBN 978-1-60309-441-2 - Diamond: JAN190855

“A bewitching and fascinating roadtrip… with impeccable writing and narration.” — Planete BD

“Shadmi intrigues with his mysteries and his evocative skill, asking more questions than he answers.” — BoDoï

"Shadmi skillfully mixes together [a] sweeping kind of mystical scientism with an on-the-ground epic of personal journey... the best sort of science fiction." — Comics Beat

"A great comment on people and society... and the art is just stunning." — Comic News Insider

Israeli-American cartoonist Koren Shadmi (Love Addict, The Abaddon) turns to science fiction in a sprawling, ambitious journey across time and space.

Forever on the move, Highwayman travels through the vastness of North America searching for the source of his condition. He suffers from a strange, seemingly incurable disease: immortality. Bound to the road and at the mercy of whomever will give him a ride, he encounters people who reflect the rapidly changing world around him. Moving through centuries of change, he watches humanity’s precarious trajectory towards an unknown future. -- a 160-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 7.15" x 9" (portrait)


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