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Dear Julia,

Dear Julia,

by Brian Biggs

ISBN 978-1-891830-12-9

$12.95 (US)

"This is a thoughtfully creative book in the vanguard of our medium."
-- Will Eisner

"Like Edward Gorey, Brian Biggs creates little graphic novellas of genteel malignance and madness." -- CMJ Magazine

Boyd Soloman believes he can fly and is eight floors above a San Francisco street intending to prove it. Dear Julia, is the story of how he got there. Boyd's vivid memory of the past and shaky comprehension of the present give clues to the events that lead him to the edge: his childhood, his parents, and a particular trip to Tucson, Arizona where everything began to go terribly awry. Brian Biggs tells the tale with deft wit and a sharp eye, leaving crumbs both verbal and visual along the reader's path to the climactic end. Also available is the Dear Julia, short film directed by Alistair Banks Griffin. -- 112 pages, Diamond: STAR10643