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Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and Donuts

by Max Estes

ISBN 978-1-891830-80-8

$10.00 (US)

"Estes is a superstar in the making!" -- Giant Robot Magazine

"A bittersweet tale of breakfast and bank robbery told through the eyes of some trouser-wearing felines. There's a child-like innocence to these drawings that makes you sure that Max Estes has lived in a dumpster with a couple of stray cats and shared coffee and donuts with them. I'm jealous." -- Rennie Sparks, The Handsome Family

Calling a dumpster home in an unforgiving city, Jules and Dwight are down on their luck -- and things are about to get much worse! Follow these stray cats as they botch an ill-fated armed robbery, dodge bullets in dark alleys, and cross paths with small-time mobsters. This frolicking sophomore graphic novel by Max Estes is a delight for all ages. -- 128 pages, Diamond: DEC053304

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