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Big Clay Pot

Big Clay Pot

by Scott Mills

ISBN 978-1-891830-16-7 - Diamond: STAR12266

$12.95 (US)

An historical novel set in ancient Japan, told with heart and a bellyful of laughs. With his sensitive take on humanity and his completely original artistic vision, Scott Mills' thoughtful tale of early Japan has already proven itself quite popular. ... It has been several thousand years since the end of the last ice age. The waters have warmed and risen, excising great portions of East Asia, while simultaneously creating the cluster of islands we now know as Japan. Across this modest new body of water came many immigrants. Some sought freedom. Some sought fortune. ... When Sun Kim came from Korea to Kyuushuu, the southernmost of the four largest islands of Japan, she was simply looking for a fresh start. ... Complete with panel-by-panel Japanese-language translations, to boot! -- 144 pages.


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