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Alan Moore Litho

Alan Moore Litho

by Alan Moore and José Villarrubia

14" x 18", Full Color - Unsigned

$19.95 (US)

As Alan Moore fans are well aware, Mr. Moore is not usually one for the public spotlight. In fact, the most commonly seen photo of Alan is the same one originally used for the back cover of Watchmen -- taken almost 20 years ago! Last year, José Villarrubia conducted a long photo session with Alan Moore at his home in Northampton, and from that exquisite batch, Top Shelf presents the first ever, official portrait of Alan Moore. José, the master digital artist and photographer (for books like the Eisner-nominated Veils and Promethea), and Eisner-nominated colorist (Fantastic Four: 1234, Sentry, Hellshock and Cage), beautifully captures the essence of Alan in this striking image suitable for framing.

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