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oh man oh man oh man...

November 13, 2010

busy busy busy here at Top Shelf PDX Headquarters gearing up for our 2011 schedule. Dag-busted-darnit, i'm gonna try and get more bitchin' developmental art, covers, and whatnot up on this blog. Starting now!, with a couple kick-ass cover sketches for Kagan McLeod's forthcoming Infinite Kung-Fu collection. Feast on these!

• GREAT photo set of Paul & Anina's annual Halloween party. I had such a good time, as always. Big thanks to Paul & Anina!! BTW, my get-up was inspired by the background hip-hop dancer in the recurring SNL skit What's Up With That? (I'm not sure who they had taking snaps throughout the party. Sorry.)

• So i'm currently in the process of organizing / purging my url bookmarks. (Egads, what a mammoth project.) In any case, i'm stumbling across lots of cool shit. Case in point; how rad is this piece of art, the header for the Belgian comics shop(?) Het Besloten Land. The art is by Randall C.

• Wow, i'm not a fan of "motion comics," but Daniel Kramer did a sweet number with Dean Haspiel's Billy Dogma story "Sex Planet."

Billy Dogma in "Sex Planet" from Daniel J. Kramer on Vimeo.

Caryn Tate did this interview with the Nerdage blog over at The Oklahoman newspaper.