Hey Bartender / Eric Orchard showcased in Spectrum

Eric Orchard showcased in Spectrum

November 18, 2010

That's pretty damn cool. I love Spectrum! Congrats Eric!

Huff Po says Lost Girls is not filmable. I'd wager the author would concur. And how about a big ol' Happy Birthday Alan Moore!

• Oh man, Brian Warmoth spotlights one of the best new comics talent in years and years, the great cartoonist and swell guy, Joseph Lambert. I think as soon as Joe gets a substantial collection of his work in print between two covers (and/or a feature-length graphic novel), the world can't help but notice. Until then, enjoy this choice selection. (Thanks to The Comics Reporter for the heads-up.)

• Here's Nate Powell's rad painting for the forthcoming Any Empire graphic novel!!

• Have you had "The Talk" with YOUR children?