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Humbled and honored...

January 6, 2015

Oh my, i really can't believe the love and support that is coming in for your loyal bartender.

On the news of iDW acquiring Top Shelf, i have to say that these cats are aces. I've known Chris Ryall since, i think the late 90s. I met Robbie Robbins a decade ago, tabling next to him at WonderCon, and he's just a swell guy... we could talk about beer all day. I've met Ted Adams, and he's boss too, and of course, the great Dirk Wood. So yeah, i'm real happy about what this entails. I don't know Scott Dunbier that well, but i sure love what he's doing there. Ditto Dean Mullaney, whose efforts on the Library of American Comics is capital "I" Important work. Swell people all around.

Much love for everyone at Top Shelf too, Chris Staros, Leigh Walton, Chris Ross, and Zac Boone. Former "warehouse guy" Rob Venditti. (Geez, what a crazy career there, yeah?) And most of all, the authors and cartoonists i've worked with all these years. Wow. I love you all!

As for me, anyone worrying about my future, rest easy. First, i still love comics, and like i told Eric Reynolds just this morning, many of the friendships i've made in comics over the years far transcend the industry itself. So i suspect you'll likely see me at more shows that y'all have in the last few years anyway!

And while i only started last week (hence, not a lot of backlog yet... yet!) i did launch my food & nature blog last week. It's been great... i'm back creating stuff again, which i haven't done in nigh twenty years! If you like food and/or you like nature, check it out.

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It's across three platforms, with a destination website coming sooner than later.

Tumblr (the hub)



Great heaping amounts of love and margaritas all around... on the house!