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Nate Powell's ANY EMPIRE on sale today!

August 31, 2011

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The creator of Swallow Me Whole (Best Graphic Novel Eisner-winner) returns with a massive exploration of violence, childhood, and coming of age in a culture of war games. Don't miss it!

by Nate Powell
-- ISBN: 978-1-60309-077-3, Diamond code: MAY11-1196
-- 384-page hardcover graphic novel, 6.5" x 9.5"
-- $19.95 (US), Older teens (16+) and adults

"The most prodigiously talented graphic novelist of his generation. ... Powell's exceptional visual-storytelling gift transforms a potentially obvious antiwar parable into a ravishingly beautiful, emotionally resonant, thoughtful, and provocative work of art." -- Booklist (starred review)

"Any Empire by Nate Powell is everything a graphic novel should be, and few are." -- Larry Hama, author of GI Joe comics since 1982

"At times poignant, at at others surreal, Any Empire is an engaging, never preachy work about childhood, centering on those secret currents that define our youthful rivalries and the games we play." -- MTV Geek

"Powell's understanding of the way his characters live -- constantly feeling a little insecure about their position among their own peer group -- and his ability to convey their daydreams work together to express a truth about a world where violence erupts organically from a culture of macho gamesmanship and cheap plastic guns." -- Noel Murray, The AV Club

"We've all experienced the world's endless cycle of innocence shattered, and Powell renders it all in lovely chiaroscuro... he crafts memorable and heartfelt characters that linger in the mind and scar the heart." -- Under the Radar

"Like in his award-winning Swallow Me Whole, Nate Powell appears to deliver a naturalistic portrayal of young lives but the strange and symbolic, the interior lives, are never far away and seep between and within the panels... With Any Empire, he crafts a surprising, affecting, troubling graphic novel that haunts the mind." -- Paul Gravett, author of Graphic Novels: Stories to Change Your Life