News / WIRED explores the many worlds of James Kochalka!

WIRED explores the many worlds of James Kochalka!

March 22, 2010

Image for WIRED explores the many worlds of James Kochalka!

Indie superstar James Kochalka is famous for creating huge amounts of material in all sorts of areas (graphic novels, kids' books, webcomics, painting, music), but this year he looks to be busier than ever before! As this new profile in WIRED explains, he's got a lot on his plate!

The long-awaited vinyl-bound collected edition of his foul-mouthed super-sitcom comic SuperF*ckers hits stores in just a few weeks, he's got a successful series of kids' graphic novels called Johnny Boo (and a new one coming this summer called Dragon Puncher), and he's just teamed up with indie game developers PixelJam to make his dream video game Glorkian Warrior a reality. They used the website Kickstarter to solicit $10,000 in donations from fans in order to fund the game's creation, surpassing that goal well before their deadline! Finally, he has a significant role in the new rotoscoped sci-fi romance film Mars, which just debuted at SXSW! Pretty sure that officially makes him the busiest man in Burlington, Vermont.

See below to grab copies of some of his books, or click here for our full Kochalka catalog!