Hey Bartender / September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

Ai carumba, it's our $3 Sale!

• And in other news, Minneapolis-based collective Paper Darts is releasing the 4th swanky issue of their gorgeous magazine! "More than double the size of Paper Darts’ previous print magazines, Volume Four is obscenely huge, featuring a swelling handful of authors, artists, and musicians who have made a blood oath vowing to explore nonconforming perspectives of art and culture."

These folks are full-up with enthusiasm, their previous issues blew my mind with killer art and writing, and... I'M IN this new issue! Whoo hoo! (Full disclosure: I have a super crush on the founders of this magazine. But let not this dissuade you from tracking down the new issue.)

They're having a swell launch party October 11. Learn more here. Wish i could attend!

I heart Paper Darts!