Hey Bartender / Veeps in the City!

Veeps in the City!

August 24, 2012

That would be here in Portland, OR. Veeps author Bill Kelter is interviewed in the newest issue of the Portland Mercury, to be more accurate, courtesy of Alison Hallett. (Thanks Alison!)

Bill talks a little about GOP Veep candidate Paul Ryan. "We're early in the game, but Paul Ryan could seriously disrupt our entire franchise. Teddy Roosevelt and Walter Mondale were fairly sober and serious men, but there was just enough to glean from their regional affects to support the two centuries-strong thesis of the peculiar nature of the American vice president. Like [Ryan] or not, even many Democrats concede that he's smart, articulate, and fit. It's very un-vice presidential."

They also briefly discuss the Veeps movie. (It's SOOOOO close to being in-the-can.) Meanwhile, here is Veeps artist Wayne Shellabarger's sweet poster!