Hey Bartender / summer winding down...

summer winding down...

August 31, 2009

It's been pretty quiet here at the Top Shelf West Coast Headquarters. Intern Jen has departed back to Vermont and the CCS, and well... it's otherwise been pretty quiet. Weird for summertime. Like i'm sittin' in the eye of the hurricane. In any case, here's a few short news items, and some more art from the archives.

Breaking Benjamin have a music video for Surrogates... with new footage. Courtesy Brett Weldele, artiste extraordinaire of Surrogates.

• Here's a swell billbaord drawn by Aaron Renier, from back when he still lived in Portland.

Van Jensen is doing a contest for this Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer book. Check it out!

Jeff Lemire talks Sweet Tooth at CBR. Oh, and issue #3 of this very same series is featured in the new Diamond Previews. Order it today!

• I'm not sure why this is in my archives, but it's one of my favorite pieces by the superb Martin Ontiveros.