Hey Bartender / April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Head spinning... Just home two nights ago from Vermont, and a trip to The Center for Cartoon Studies. I think there's something in the water there, because this was one of the most fun trips i've had in years, and y'know, i think i'm truly the luckiest guy in the world. Unburdened with the task of selling comics, it was a pleasure to swim in comics on an academic level with a posse of very enthusiastic students.

Hanging out with fellow guests Chris Duffy (and family) and Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin (and kids), and faculty member Jason Lutes (and his daughter), and meeting Calista Brill (from First Second), and meeting none other than Stephen Bissette (who inaugurated my new Twin Peaks sketchbook), and Super duper big thanks to James, Michelle, Robyn, Stephen and Alec. And all the students and staff. Oh, and small-town stragglers like Joe and Cat. And thanks to Jen for the link to her flicker set.

Here we are checking out the original art collection of virtual unknown master cartoonist and illustrator Denys Wortman. This is a wonderful story unto itself, as told by James Sturm. I do believe that in addition to curating this art show, that CCS will be editing an art book of Wortman's exquisite drawings.

White River Junction was beautiful. Gorgeous countryside.

Here's some photos of a group of us trekking up to James Sturm's house for dinner. (Including my bearded pal Alec Longstreth.) The weather was just right. Brisk.

I will be reviewing a handful of the books i was given by faculty and students as soon as they arrive, and i find time to read them.

• And what seems like a year ago, but was just last weekend, Emerald City now recedes in the rearview mirror. Another fine show. Well done, Jim. (Demonakos, of course.) Thanks to Carlos and Emi for help at the table.

This little iPhone set is from the Dark Horse karaoke party, where Kaz Strzepek & Derek Kirk Kim were intermittently sleeping at the bar, wrestling on the floor, or playing with the fire extinguisher. Jacquelene Cohen was drinking whisky like nobody's business, and got my co-pilot for the weekend, Matt Kindt, more hammered than he's ever been. It was awesome! Witness Matt's stunning rendition of some Bond themesong i can't recall by name.

• Meanwhile, Stripburger #48 is now available... a fine anthology of international comics, originating in Slovenia. These Stripburger cats are doing the comics world such an enormous service... worth checking out. Order right here at Top Shelf.

• Leonard Wong (who runs the Vancouver Comicon) recently put out another issue of Comix and Stories, an anthology of cartoonists from Vancouver, BC. There's some fins stuff in here... my favorites include "Papa's African Adventure," by Don King, "Mario's Lament," by Josue Menjivar, "Diary of a Bread Delivery Guy," by David Lasky, and "Belated" (an appreciation of Kate Worley, author of Omaha the Cat Dancer), by James Lloyd. The comic also sports a beautuful cover by Ron Turner.